Luciana Janaqui
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The Peruvian-Japanese artist Luciana Janaqui (b. 1987, Lima) explores overlaps, differences, and exchanges of personal memories.
Through her photographic, filmic, and performative projects, she often attempts to guninstallh her own memory and greinstallh them
into other peoplefs body through images and words, or gcopyh peoplefs past experiences and gpasteh them into her own body by
reenacting them physically.

Her work tests possibility and impossibility of sharing a story across our bodies\devices that are potentially interconnected\and
how it creates a new gversionh of it.

Driven by uncertainty of her own identity between Peruvian and Japanese cultures, and between Spanish and Japanese languages,
her practice also reflects how onefs identity at large has become increasingly anonymous, pseudonymous, and plural today, thanks
to the network of fractured subjectivities on the Internet, and how it possibly resembles reality itself, as she states:

Living in various places around the world as a homeless backpacker, I was amazed by finding the gsameh things happening in totally
different settings. I saw a coffee on the desk in a goat barn in Ethiopia. I then saw another coffee on the desk at a luxury apartment in
New York. This situation repeats everywhere. They are different events, but sharing common components, just like Instagram images
with the same hashtags. They appear differently because of different spatiotemporal conditions, and memorized differently depending
on your perception and language, but they seemed to refer to one prototypical memory stored in our collective cloud storage, so to
speak. With my work, I am interested in pushing this further, questioning self / others, body / memory, name / identity.