Luciana Janaqui
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Luciana Janaqui

1987 Born in Lima, Peru
------- Lives and works between Brussels, Lima, and Tokyo

2014–2017 Máster Latinoamericano de fotografía contemporánea, Centro de la Imagen, Lima

Group exhibitions
2020 003278079060, voice mail system in Belgium (curated by neigher & Marc Buchy)
2019 Foreshadows: TOKAS Creator-in-Residence 2019 Exhibition, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo
2017 /jama/, Yakushima Island, Kagoshima (curated by Arata Hasegawa)

Residency programs
2018 Matadero Madrid, Madrid (TOKAS Exchange Residency Program)
------- Masan Fruit & Vegetables Wholesale Market Co., Ltd Art Project, Masan

2018 mi EL Camino, Matadero Madrid, Madrid (in the framework of Open Studios de Raúl Hott, Sophie Mallett y Luciana Janaqui)